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kunibakai|about kunibakai


In Kunibakai Kenseikaikan, not to mention learning skills which is effective to
actual fighting on the basis of karatedo, we organize some activities for the
purpose of buildingbasic physical strength of younger generation and mastering
gentleness and mental strength as humans by observing the proprieties peculiar to
budo[martial art].
The history is old and originated in the time when ex-director,Saburo Adachi
became a disciple of Kuniba Shougou(Nippon karatedo Motobuha Shitoryu
Seishinkai which was the former Kunibakai).
And then the skills and spirit are succeeded to our present director, Takahiko
Adachi, who observes the good and old tradition, and also gives karate training
led to modern karatedo.


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